Fifth and LAST M bUiLdiNg PartY <>

How you realize that this is the end ? How you say goodbye ?

For many people M building events is nothing and for some other all Finland,we met a lot of people,we creat fireships and we have a lot of good memories in our mind. The last M Building party was the bell for some people that this story ends.

M building parties is one of the most (if is not THE most) famous event in JKL. Is a party for students,is a party for us,is a party from us to us. Just 5 floors,good company and music. There is a lot of crazy stories from this party that they will be in our minds for ever.

We must say some things how this story goes to the end. We took the decision  only 5 days before the party,none belive that the last party will be enough good ,the comments was bad and the people on facebook invitation until the last-minute was only 174. A lot of people left from JKL and the M building crew was busy to create the last and best party (speakers,lights,decoration).

M building never displeases,after all the problems and the complains the time came and was better than someone can expect,more than 300 people in five floors dancing all together for one last time..We party was not just good.was the best party of the year..

We want to thank everyone in JKL,our friends,our teachers,the strangers and the neighbours..

We will miss Finland,we will miss you,but you will be for ever in our hearts and in our minds..

Kontopoulos Orestis

Please also take a look at the official website
Put your comment in our guestbook!
The pictures of the last mbuilding party will be soon online!

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